Meet Our Techs

Liam S.

Hi, my name is Liam. I'm a support boy. I have been working as analyst for over 7 years. I have a lot of experience in the configuration of network systems and infrastructure. I am certified in Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE 6). I find that the best part is the gratitude that customers show when you fix something or show them a little thing they never knew. Now, that's a great feeling! :)

James F.

I have always been attracted to technology, which leads me to obtain a degree in computer engineering. With the expansion of new technologies companies are looking for new challenges to improve their business, YouTechSupport has allowed me to accompany their clients in this process. I have been a specialist in telephony, networks and infrastructure with YouTechSupport for a year and I have really enjoyed helping others get the most out of their technology platforms.

Daniel A.

Enjoy, innovate and create technology is one of the greater pleasures of my life, that is because for 8 years i feel marveled in a world of telecommunications and information systems working in sectors such as construccion,education,public services contact center. I have had the pleasure of participating in large projects and in each one to give the maximum potential. For me I do not work, executed actions that make others happy and that happiness becomes my success. In your Tech I am available to carry all my experience, service and responsibility to each of our clients' needs.

Isaac W.

Since my childhood and escolar education always search for have clear objectives and singles that i allow climb quickly and achieve goals. I believe in the success for achieve it is have order, attitude, perseverance and force. This small recipe it has help me to shoot down bigs barriers what i can see today reflected in my professional and work achievements. For Your Tech the order and tenacity is priority at the time of execute, work and implement the projects from our clients, getting important results in each of the industries and markets of the world.